Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lata ki awaaz

Is there an adjective to describe something "more melodious" than "melodious"? I run out of words to describe Lata ji's voice. Although her singing career started in 1947, her popularity rose in 1949 with songs such as Aayega aanewala, jiya bekarar hai etc. Another beautiful song from 1949 was Uthayeja Unke Sitam composed by Naushad for "Andaaz". I had attempted recording this earlier but received some constructive criticism from my father and decided to improve it. So here is the improved version dedicated to my father :). He also requested me to sing a song composed by Madan Mohan. I am a big fan of Madan Mohan's compositions myself and was recently obssessed by one of his compositions Maaye Ri from "Dastak". This song is not as popular as Baiyyan na dharo but caught my fancy last year when a contestant Abhilasha of "Star Voice of India" sang it (beautifully I must add). I could not get the tune out of my head. Being not that familiar with the song and also not being able to find the song online (knowing the movie name might have helped!) the tune started evolving in my head into "my version" of the song. Thankfully, I soon found the a video of the song on youtube. I was thrilled on finally hearing the whole song and also disappointed a little when I realized how off my version of the song was. Recently found a karaoke track of the song and could not resist recording it. It is a difficult song for me and here is my first attempt. Again dedicating it to my father. With your comments and suggestions I hope to revisit and improve the song later....

Song: Uthaye ja unke sitam; Movie: Andaaz

Download here
Song: Maaye Ri; Movie: Dastak

Download here


TC Ratnapuri said...

Loved both songs Nandita. You have a crisp and smooth flowing voice thru the entire range. Both these songs have some difficult notes in them and you have done a great job. With regular practice and care for details you will truely be of value to any musical team.

gr-india said...

You have shown very delicate balance of bhav and dynamics for such a wonderful old gold song.

keep them coming,

Goutham said...

Nice one!

Smitha said...

Superb!!! Bahut achcha gaya hai. U sing the harkats with so much ease...its amazing! Loved it. Ab mai bhi farmasih karne wali hu :-)

HK said...


Am crazily singing 'uthayeja unke sitam' all the time for the last 2 days :) Didn't know Anil can create such difficult 'sitams' for you :)

Blogging is a good idea. And I will copy yours :)

You also write well. I'll have a problem writing beyond 10 words though.

Hamari farmaish:
1. Aap ki nazaron ne samjha OR
2. Jiya le gayoji sawariya OR
3. Na bole Na bole Na bole re

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Great job!

N V Krishnan said...

Hi Nandita...

Very good but unique choice of songs. Nice to hear these lovely songs after a long time..that too in your voice. Really enjoyed.


Vishal said...


You have a wonderful voice ..Enjoyed both the songs ..My fav is Maaye Ri ...Brilliant singing !

Keep me posted about your new songs :-)


Harshan said...

Nandita ...listened to both the songs ...and really liked them.

Uthaye ja unke sitam my personal favourites sang it brilliantly ...:)

Dhiraj said...

Very well sung Nanditha, I like the first one a lot, its a nice melody with beautiful feel. You have sung it really well.

Nandita said...

tc ji: Thanks a lot for the encouraging comments. Yes, practice is the key and I hope to do that regularly now.

Golgappa: Welcome to my blog and thanks for the nice comments.

Goutham: Thanks! Hope to hear songs form you soon.

Smitha: Shukriya. Zaroor farmaish kijiye :)

hkji: Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see one from you soon :). Will let you know when I sing aap ki farmaish.

Sudipta: Thanks a lot

NVK sir: Am glad you liked the songs.

Vishal: Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and really appreciate the nice comments :).

Harshan: Thanks! I also love how lata ji sings uthayeja. Am glad you liked my version.

Dhiraj: Thanks a lot for the encouraging words.

ligne said...

hey..maayi ri sounds lovely. good job there..

also really liked you rendition of uthaye ja unke sitam..
voice quivers with emotion came out real good.

how about hole hole saajana or piya tu..or katra katra?

Paras said...

Once again..."father knows best"...great selection! You did better in "Maayi ri"...

Srividya Kasturi said...

Very nice...Liked maayi ri a lot:)

Nandita said...

ligne: Shukriya! I have the K-tracks for those songs. Gaati hoon tere liye :).

Paras: Thanks a lot for listening and commenting.

Srividya: Thank you :). Am glad you liked it.

Deblina M. said...

Great song selection! Maayi ri was beautifully done.

Uthaye ja ... very nice feel.

Nandita said...

Deblina: Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Also, thanks a lot for the encouraging words :)

Priya said...

Awesome Nandita... khush kar diya..both the songs were well sung..keep them coming !!

Nandita said...

priya: bahut shukriya. thanks for listening :)

sudha said...

hai ur music is so nice handsoff