Sunday, November 16, 2008


A couple of weeks ago my nephew participated in Peace Day by singing bhajans. But wasn't peace day in September I thought and "googled" it. I came across this simple website . Although this had nothing to do with my nephew's Peace Day, I was very moved by the fact that this was started by two common people like you and me, who wanted to make a difference. They picked November 17th as a day to promote peace and all they wanted people to do was participate with them by spreading the word around. Do check out their website when you find time. Now that I have my personal space in the world wide web I wanted to make my tiny contribution for Peace Day in the form of music.

The first song is Allah tero naam from "Hum Dono" (thanks a lot Smitha for suggesting this). This song is beautifully sung by Lata ji and has such wonderful lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi.... "Sabko sanmatee de baghavan" . Here is my cover version ......dedicated to change.......

Song: Allah tero naam ; Movie: Hum dono

Download here

The second song which I really really wanted to sing is Imagine by John Lennon. I personally feel this is one of the most idyllic songs written. One of my fav. rock songs ever. This epic song talks about a utopian world with no boundaries...nothing for people to really fight about. Several artists have sung their cover versions of this song and I get deeply moved when I hear every one of them. Here is my version (i wanted it very simple with no effects at all on my vocal track).....dedicated to all the dreamers....

Song: Imagine

Download here

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bhaagi ri main....

So I have been running lately. That too quite a bit!! Over the past few months I have transformed from someone who hates running to someone training for a half-marathon. hmmm...quite a contrast isn't it. Am running to generate funds for underprivileged kids in India through an organization called "Asha". Check out my marathon website if you want to know more about my running escapades (or if you or anyone you know is interested in supporting my cause :)). I am training with a really nice team and we run together on Saturdays. I have to confess that during the first month of training the runs seemed very tiring. Not that I have become a pro or anything but lately I enjoy the long runs. This Saturday for the first time in my life I ran 10 miles and was thrilled. It was quite cold but after the first mile I started enjoying the run, especially since the trail was nice. I wish I were poetic enough to describe my feeling. The one song that comes to my mind which describes it best is bhaage re mann from "Chameli". So I had to record it! Sunidhi Chauhan does such a great job of capturing Chameli's emotions. Her voice in this song is so soft and soothing (almost like she is whispering it in your ear). Here is my attempt...this time dedicated to my fellow runners. Please listen when you have the time and please do not hesitate to provide feedback :)

Song: Bhaage re mann ; Movie: Chameli

Download here