Sunday, November 16, 2008


A couple of weeks ago my nephew participated in Peace Day by singing bhajans. But wasn't peace day in September I thought and "googled" it. I came across this simple website . Although this had nothing to do with my nephew's Peace Day, I was very moved by the fact that this was started by two common people like you and me, who wanted to make a difference. They picked November 17th as a day to promote peace and all they wanted people to do was participate with them by spreading the word around. Do check out their website when you find time. Now that I have my personal space in the world wide web I wanted to make my tiny contribution for Peace Day in the form of music.

The first song is Allah tero naam from "Hum Dono" (thanks a lot Smitha for suggesting this). This song is beautifully sung by Lata ji and has such wonderful lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi.... "Sabko sanmatee de baghavan" . Here is my cover version ......dedicated to change.......

Song: Allah tero naam ; Movie: Hum dono

Download here

The second song which I really really wanted to sing is Imagine by John Lennon. I personally feel this is one of the most idyllic songs written. One of my fav. rock songs ever. This epic song talks about a utopian world with no boundaries...nothing for people to really fight about. Several artists have sung their cover versions of this song and I get deeply moved when I hear every one of them. Here is my version (i wanted it very simple with no effects at all on my vocal track).....dedicated to all the dreamers....

Song: Imagine

Download here


Smitha said...

Beautiful songs for a beautiful cause and sung very beautifully :-) Loved both ur songs. U make us proud!

Jo said...

Nandita, very good job on Allah Tero Naam. Enjoyed it a lot.

Abi said...

Hi Nandita, Loved both of your rendition. The thing that i liked about your blog is, your songs are unique.

Alla tero naam : Very beautiful song, with beautiful lyrics. Your voice modulations are cute.

Imagine : Your vocal sounded elegant even without any effects.

Paras said...

Allah tero naam....Very well sung! Love this song.
Imagine....It is neat how you presented the lyrics! Another feather in your cap...good job!

Azam Khan said...

"Allah tero naam" ... you sang your heart out! I was moved by this rendition of yours. Very well done!

Imagine, in style, a completely different rendition! Liked it! Yodeling was nice - something I do not find too many desi female singers do.

Goutham said...

Amazing! I like the hindi song rendition better.

Though chechi, did you notice that your Imagine song does not have the same loudness as the hindi song. Sounds a little passive.

TC Ratnapuri said...

Great song choices with variation and commendable singing Nandita. Keep em rolling.

Soumitra said...

Very nice singing :) Keep updating :)

ligne said...

hey good job..allah tero naam was a good choice..and for lack knowledge of technical term, the voice quivers
sound really good..

singing imagine was totally fine.. you did a good job

( i kept remembering isaac miss :) )

Photographer Pappu!!! said...

beautifully sung!!! liked both of them.. I had not heard imagine before and started liking it immediately, which is usually not the case with english songs for me :)

Abha said...

Hey Nandita,

Came across your blog through Pooja's blog..
Absolutely beautifully sung..loved it.


Nandita said...

Thank you all so much for listening and commenting. Was a little tied up last week so could not respond earlier.

Smitha: Thanks a lot :)

Jo: Am glad you liked Allah tero naam :)

Abi: Thank you so much for the comments :)

Paras: Thanks for your encouraging words :)

Azam: Very generous comments from you. Am really glad you liked it :).

Goutham: Thanks for the feedback. Ya you are right. With imagine the scale was a lot lower so I am guessing it sounded dull (also no echo or anything on my vocals). I had found a karaoke of Avril Lavigne's version of the song as well (more suitable for female voices I guess). But wanted to stick to the original Lennon version (I did increase the scale some though :)).

TCR ji: Thank you very very much :).

Soumitra: Am really glad you enjoyed it :).

Ligne: Thanks for commenting. Yes I as reminded of Isaac Miss as well. Miss those school days. I remember how she used to get mad at me because I would keep talking all the time :).

Pravin: Glad you liked both songs. Do listen to the original version of imagine on you tube :).

Abha: Great to see you here :)). Thanks for listening :). I am trying to convince Pooja to start singing/recording soon :).

Harshan said...

Nandita ...I loved Allah tero naaam ...awesome rendition !! what a beautiful song ...did a great justice to the original.

Nandita said...

Thanks a lot Harshan. Am glad you liked Allah tero naam :))

N V Krishnan said...


I dont know how I missed it...You were too good in 'Allah tero Naam..' Great expressions and feel. Felt your voice could have been more steady in it especially when doing a harkat...Nothing major, though.

All the best..


Nandita said...

NVK sir: Thanks a lot for your nice comments. Glad you liked it. Will practice more to try and keep my voice steady. I especially have that problem in high notes.

Vishal said...

Very good expressions on "Allah Tero Naam" ! Felt you were bit tensed because of breathing issues...but overall very good job ..Liked your "Imagine" too ..:-)


Nandita said...

Am glad you liked the songs Vishal. The scale for Allah tero naam was high for me and had trouble breathing because of that :).

Praveena said...

Hey Nandita,

Recently discovered ur site....and the songs u recorded. Awesome...especially this one...really really loved it!

Nandita said...

Thanks a lot Praveena. Glad you loved it.