Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Lata Ji

Wanted to upload Mohabbat Aisi Dhadkan from "Anarkali" on the occasion of Lata ji’s 80th Birthday. It has been my all time Lata ji favourite. Could not find the karaoke so decided to sing it unplugged in one go. Of course the orchestra of crickets outside my window provided some background music….or rather noise(no offense meant to the cricket community).
Song: Mohabbat Aisi Dhadkan
Movie: Anarkali
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Music: C. Ramchandra
Cover by : Nandita

Mohabbat Aisi Dhadkan(Unplugged) - Happy Birthday Lata Ji | Online recorder

Download here


Parasmani said...

इस इंतज़ार-ए-शौक को जलवों की आस है
इक शमा जल रही है, सो वो भी उदास है….

लता मंगेशकर तो भगवान की देन है.
राजिंदर किशन की शायरी और सी. रामचंद्र की मुसिकी भी बेहतरीन है.
नंदिता….आप ने बहोत अच्छा गाना पसंद किया इस मौके पर और गाया भी बहोत अच्छा है.

Pooja said...

Very well sung fact I think I liked it even more because it was unplugged.

Gaurav Acharya. said...

Your Voice is Appealing.I really Liked.

Even The Song-
Dum bhar jo udhar mooh phere,O chanda.. Shall suit to your Voice much.You can try.


Nandita said...

Paras- Glad you liked it. Couldn't agree more with you about Lata ji, C Ramchandra. Will keep the "Shauk" and "so" in mind next time.

Pooja- Thanks. I was so reminded of Kallu while singing this and how beautifully she used to sing this song and "zulmi sang" in school.

Gaurav- Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it. I like "Dum bhar..." a lot also.

Smita said...

Beautiful Nandita! I don’t have any background in music to provide any feedback to you but want to say that I love listening to your voice and songs so keep them coming….
I went through all your posts earlier this year and spent some more time now going through your songs again.
Btw – Got link to your blog from Pooja’s blog. I also met you couple of times in IITB.

Nandita said...

Hey Smita- Loong time. Thanks for writing in and glad you enjoyed it. btw..saw your pics on Pooja's blog. You look just the same :).

placid78 said...

Good rendition and I specially like the brave avoidance of karaoke.
I tried to follow the beat of this song and I found that your rendition was not that rhythmic. You can lose the rhythm while doing transition between the stanzas, thats ok, however if you lose the rhythm within a stanza, it spoils the quality to some extent.
Good one.

Nandita M said...

Thanks Rahul. My perception of unplugged versions is slightly different. Ideally I like such versions because it does not restrict the singer and gives him/her a lot of freedom to take the time to improvise (without rigidly sticking to the beat). Since I haven't really improvised much here can understand why the lack of rhythm could bother you.

MUFLIS said...

w a a h !
suroN ki
bahut achhee pehchaan hai aapko
very particular...
w a a h !!

VINU said...

Beautifully sung! loved it! and what a selection...wah tumne dil khush kar dia! n dont u dare stop singing :)